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Get affordable pricing from us by letting us know your requirement, whether it is simply an informative or e-commerce website, number of pages you intent to have for your website, amount of contents, texts and images to be loaded onto the web pages, any additional services required such as imaging service, translations, (at the moment English-Chinese and Chinese-English only) in order to enable us to make out a right quotation for you.

                   Kindly email your request to us by clicking the Quotation navigator below

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We are accepting all major credit card payments online with PayPal. Please pay the initial amount stated in our quotation with your credit card soon after accepting the quotation. We will start designing and building your new website as soon as your initial payment is credited into our account. Your new website will be temporary hosted on our web space with an URL that you can view throughout the construction period. At the point of completion, the newly built website will be transferred to you with your Domain or to your Domain if you already have one as soon as you eventually review and endorse your approval accompanying with the balance payment made to us.
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